Uncanny Counter Episode 13 Release Date, Preview

UNCANNY COUNTER EPISODE 13 is releasing soon on Netflix after the premiere of the 11th episode. The South Korean drama series is based on a webtoon Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi. In the storyline, a young teenager is chosen as a member of the Counters, a group that hunts demons and evil spirits that are moving freely in the world.


The Uncanny Counter Episode 13 will be released on Sunday, 17 January 2021 at 11 AM ET in the United States. You can stream all the latest episodes on Netflix.

Episode 12 Recap

So Mun is the youngest member of the Counters and part-time server at Eonni’s noodles. He is a crippled high school student who becomes an orphan 7 years ago after losing his parents in a car accident. Moreover, he is disabled but a talented cartoonist.

At the end of episode 12 of The Uncanny Counter, we saw Shin Myong-hwi, the mayor of Junjin City, arrested several years ago for playing a role in the murder of a young woman.

Investigating the case, Mo Talk met Moon’s father and the two were killed by Mayor Shin and his men. So far, he has tried to kill Soo-moon, but fortunately, with his powers back from Wai-jin, he has managed to thwart Meyer and Cheong-sin’s efforts.

What will happen in the Uncanny Counter Episode 13?

Now in episode 13, we’ll see Soo-moon, Ha-na, Mo-tak, and Ms. Chu seeing that Cheong-sin becomes one with the evil spirit who has possessed him. While he could talk to the Polytheist as if it is a separate existence, with all the spirits he was eating including the souls of Soo-moon’s parents, he became even more powerful.

Now, if the counters have a plan to transfer the evil spirit to Yung and punish them, they have to come up with a different plan and that plan will be explained to them by Yi-jin itself.

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