SneakErasers Shark Tank Update: Here’s everything you need to know about the product!

SneakErasers Shark Tank Update: On Shark Tank season 12, we saw entrepreneurs Chris Pavlica and Kevin Consolo come to the show with their unique Sneak Erasers. They are claiming that their product is a convenient, reusable sponges with a cleaning solution that will sparkle you sneakers quickly.

What is SneakERASERS?

SneakErasers is a cleaning solution to wipe dirty shoes/sneakers within a fraction of seconds. Their technology is proprietary and patent-pending as per company’s website.

The orange sponges are packed with multiple layers that made them strong and robust. To clean you sneakers, just add some water to the sponge and allow it to dry. Then, rub the soft orange side gently on your shoes to wipe the scuff marks, dirt, and grime.

Who founded SneakERASERS Shark Tank?

Two friends from Ohio namely Kevin Consolo and Chris Pavlica founded SneakERASERS. Consolo is the SVP sales while Pavlica is the CEO. Both of them met in 2003 and have attended the same Ohio University.

SneakERASERS Shark Tank founders

Other useful products

The company is also selling GolfERASERS for cleaning golf clubs and other golf goods. AutoERASERS for instant detailing on cars, you will rub gently on your car and scrub marks will disappear quickly.

You can also purchase their products online in less than $10. Almost, all their products are having positive reviews and people are finding them cool.

One thing that you need to know is that they also planned to use their traction to attract sharks on the set of Shark Tank. By the time of shooting the episode in 2020, they were already in 3500 retail places.

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