Queen Latifah The Equalizer 2021 Preview, Cast, and Filming Locations

The Equalizer is the latest crime-drama series of CBS that is originally a reboot from an 80s show created by late TV veteran Richard Lindheim and written by Michael Sloan. The story moves around an ex CIA agent, Robyn(Queen Latifah) who is playing the role of Robinhood for those people who are unable to defend themselves. She wants every voice to be heard by the law and doesn’t want to equalize for the powerful.

Where was The Equalizer 2021 TV Series filmed?

CBS’s The Equalizer was filmed in NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES under the guidance of JERSEY CITY FILM PRODUCTION. The shooting began on 11 Nov 2020. Most shooting took place at the Jersey City and some scenes were also shot at Bayonne, Newark, and Rutherford in the NJ.

However, firstly it was planned to film in New York City on March 2020 but due to Covid-19 pandemic in the US, filming production delayed and location changed.


  • Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall(a divorced single mother looking to help the needy)
  • Laya DeLeon Hayes as Delilah McCall (Robyn’s 15-years old daughter)
  • Tory Kittles as Marcus Dante (an intelligent NYPD detective)
  • Liza Lapira as Melody Bayani(an ex Air Force Sniper)
  • Adam Goldberg as Harry Keshegian(Melody’s husband)
  • Chris Noth as William Bishop(ex-CIA director running a private security company)
  • Lorraine Toussaint as Frieda(Robyn’s aunt)
  • Erica Camarano as Paley(a Detective working with Robyn)
  • Lorna Courtney as Jewel Machado(first person to get Robyn help)

Episode 1 Ending Explained

Robyn McCall is a former operative of “The Business”, a company (disguised as a “Charity” since Robyn puts it) that conducts illegal surgeries for the U.S. government. Having grown pleased with her job, Robyn leaves the enterprise to increase her daughter Delilah.

One night, she’s a young adolescent girl and rescue her from being raped. The woman, Jewel Machado, is a defendant in the shooting of a Attorney, Chance Kovak. With nobody else to turn to, Robyn contacts her older coworkers, Melody and Harry, and contains them conceal Jewel while she investigates the murder.

Delilah is caught smoking bud and sporting a stolen apparel and reasons her punishment. Through careful undercover job, also with the help of her former outstanding William Bishop, Robyn catches two mercenaries employed with a corrupt technician mogul, who’d Chance murdered to cover up his discovery of a deadly flaw in the applications to get his most recent product, a self-driving vehicle.

Jewel is published, Delilah intends to perform volunteer work at a nearby prison, and Robyn makes the decision to send an anonymous online message offering to assist anybody that has “the chances against them”, which has Dante’s interest.

The Equalizer Episode 2 Release Date & Time

The Equalizer Episode 2 titled Glory will be released on Sunday, 14 February 2021 at 8/7c on the CBS inside the USA. Each new episode is releasing on Sundays.

Episode 2 Preview

Episode 2 will be the actual beginning of the crime-drama series as the first episode was dedicated to the late producer Richard Lindheim who tragically passed away at the time of filming the series.

What do you think will happen in The Equalizer Episode 2?

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