A Merry Scottish Christmas takes you on a cozy journey to the fictional Scottish town of Glencrave.

While the story unfolds in Scotland, filming actually took place across the Irish Sea! 

The Duns Castle in Scotland was used for shots of Glencrave Castle. It dates back to the 14th century.

Image via Hallmark

Glencrave Castle

Some scenes were filmed inside Duns Castle's beautiful rooms like the Main Drawing Room.

The market was filmed at the courtyard of Barberstown House in Ireland.

Christmas Market

This picturesque town of Inveraray in Scotland was used for filming of all the town scenes.

The Town of Glencrave

Brennan's Kilteel Inn in Ireland was used as the local pub.

The Salingers Pub

The Kilbeggan Distillery in Ireland was renamed Kilbride Distillery for the movie.

Kilbride Distillery

Harristown House may have been used for the café scenes.

Forge Head Shedlands Café

Both the leads, Lacey and Scott shared their excitement over the reunion in a recent talk.

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