Why is Bachelorette Ivan Hall’s Brother Gabe in Jail?

At the end of season 16 of The Bachelorette, we saw that Ivan Hall is supporting Black Lives Matter Moment and the police vandalize with Tayshia Adama and meanwhile, Ivan reveals that his brother Gabe is in jail. Ivan explains that she wants to set her younger brother as an example, saying that ‘I will never take drugs and never touch liquor’ so that I can tease her by doing all this in front of her and she just keeps looking at me doing all the stuff.

But as he said, there were no circumstances at all, when Gabe went to college, he started doing all this and he lost control of himself. It was not at all the boy whom I wanted to set as an example. A man living in Texas informed Adams that Gabe had to go to prison for 4 years and the saddest part of it was that his niece Kehlani was born the day he went to jail.

Gabe loves his niece and uploads photos on Instagram quite often. Some also praise him for his vulnerability such as Rachel Lindsay, co-host of Bachelor Happy Hour. Rachel loves his style of talking because even after all this, he talks with the most love and wins everyone’s heart with charming things. He challenged Tayshia as no human had done to date.

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