Where was the series The Sister Filmed? Check Filming Locations

The Sister is a supernatural British TV series is based on the novel ‘Burial’ written by Neil Cross. However, the series is directed by Niall MacCormick with the introduction of Russell Tovey and Bertie Carvel in the main cast. The former is a caring and determined husband who is trying hard to keep a dark secret hidden from the cruel world and the latter is a ghost hunter who arrived at Russel’s place to catch ghosts.

The Sister Filming Locations

The Sister was filmed in London, England inside the United Kingdom. The filming started in September 2019 and lasted for 3 months till December 2019. However, there were many difficulties in shooting the dark scenes and filming vehicle interiors.

The filming was done before the pandemic but the sequence in which car exteriors are shown was challenging due to several restrictions and other rain disturbances. Finally, after facing all the challenges, the first episode of the series premiered on 26th October 2020.


  • Russell Tovey as Nathan
  • Bertie Cavel as Bob
  • Amrita Acharia as Holly Fox
  • Nina Toussaint as Jacki Hadley
  • Simone Ashley as Elise Fox
  • Paul Bazely as Graham Fox
  • Amanda Root as June
  • Fleur Keith as Salesperson
  • Ewan Bailey
  • James Doherty as Brian
  • Angela Terence as Nathan’s PA
  • Adam Morris as Newsreader
  • Tina Harris

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