Persuasion 2022 Filming Locations, Netflix Cast, Synopsis

Persuasion is a 2022 American romance drama film directed by Carrie Cracknell from a screenplay written by Rob Bass with Alice Victoria Winslow. The film is produced by Andrew Lazar and Christina Weiss Lurie under MRC, Fourth and Twenty Eight Films, Mad Chance, and Bisous Pictures.

Based on the last novel of the same name completed by English novelist Jane Austen, the movie follows the story of Anne Elliot who was persuaded not to marry a handsome man eight years ago. Destiny has decided to give her a chance to pursue her love. Will she able to grab the opportunity?

Where was Persuasion 2022 filmed?

All the exterior scenes of Persuasion 2022 were shot inside Bath city located in Somerset country, England, United Kingdom. Principal filming began in May 2021 and wrapped up in November of the same year.

The Royal Crescent was used for the shooting of scenes featuring Elliot’s Camden Place home. Another production camp was setup near a Primark store in Bath Street. Residents shared that the Madame Lefroy’s dress shop was helmed there.

persuasion 2022 filming locations

Bath city is also the largest city of Somerset and is having historical importance. It was named after some Roman-build bath. However, the wealthy city is known for Temple of Slis Minerva and the baths complex left by Romans.

Other than city of Bath, some other locations of England were also utilized for filming purposes like Osterley Park in Isleworth, West London and Ammerdown House in Kilmersdon. Moreover, Trafalgar Park in Salisbury, Wiltshire and some other places of Somerset can be clearly seen in the movie.

Another popular royal drama Bridgerton was also done in England along with The Duchess, Operation Mincemeat, McDonald and Dodds, Metal Lords, Barry Lyndon, Zombies 3, Poldark, Stay Close, The Pursuit of Love, etc.

Who’s in the cast of Persuasion 2022 film?

  • Cosmo Jarvis as Wentworth
  • Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot
  • Richard E. Grant as Sir Walter Elliot
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird as Lady Russell
  • Lydia Rose Bewley as Penelope Clay
  • Yolanda Kettle as Elizabeth Elliot
  • Agni Scott as Mrs Croft
  • Jake Siame as James Musgrove
  • Mia McKenna-Bruce as Mary Musgrove
  • Simon Paisley Day as Mr Shepherd
  • Izuka Hoyle as Henrietta Musgrove
  • Stewart Scudamore as Admiral Croft
  • Jordan Long as Debt Collector
  • Hardy Yusuf as Little Charles Musgrove
  • Eve Matheson as Mrs Musgrove
  • Nia Towle as Louisa Musgrove
  • Gary Beadle as Mr Musgrove
  • Edward Bluemel as Captain Harville
  • Jenny Rainsford as Mrs Harville
  • Henry Golding as Mr Elliot
  • Afolabi Alli as Captain Benwick
  • Kate Ashcroft as Innkeeper (as Katie Aschroft)
  • Ali Ariaie as Surgeon
  • Ben Bailey Smith as Charles Musgrove (as Ben Bailey-Smith)
  • Janet Henfrey as Viscountess Lady Dalrymple
  • Sophie Brooke as Miss Carteret
  • Richard Lloyd-Knight as Make-Up Artist
  • Charlie MacRae-Tod as Henry Hayter


Anne Elliot has got a chance to reunite her prince charming after eight years when she was persuaded not to marry with him. Will she able to marry with the man of her dreams or the persuasion will take over?

The movie is now streaming on Netflix since its premiere on 15 July 2022.

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