What is a Binder Euphoria? Why does Jules wear it?

Fans are becoming curious after a Binder introduction in Euphoria season 2 episode 2 and wondering what is the gadget that Jules is wearing and why is he wearing it? Is that some kind of weight losing gadget, contraceptive or anything weird? Euphoria is an American teenage drama series written and created by Sam Levinson for HBO whose story follows a group of high school students and their social behavior. Season 1 premiered in 2019 and now a second season is airing in Jan 2022.

What is a Binder Euphoria?

Binder in Euphoria is an undergarment that is used to reduce the size of man boobs. Usually, this device is used by people who don’t want their chest to look like females. Jules is wearing the binder for the same purpose and we get to know it when Elliot exposed the truth. Anyways, its Jules choice, she can wear whatever she loves.

Binder in Euphoria TV series

Some prefer wearing sports bra, some like athletic wear while others like wrapping bandages around the chest area. There are a lot of ways to suppress the breasts and come out from body dysmorphia like health complications but binder is quite common. However, this device has certain limitations like any other invention. Prolonged use can cause itching, pain in the chest and back, and other side effects like respiratory problems.

Why was Jules wearing a binder?

Jules never shared the cause of wearing a binder in Euphoria TV series but she revealed that she wants to keep herself away from other conventional feminine associations. The scene begins when she becomes insecure about relationship between Rue and Elliot. She believed that Elliot is attracted towards Rue. So, Jules talk to Elliot in private classroom to have a better understanding about the matter.

Jules wearing a binder

Elliot revealed that they both are having drugs and also called Jules a nut for wearing a binder as a transgender. This was the first time we get know more about the character of Jules. She wants to get feminine but in the method where she can align herself with the perception of society without getting forced.

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