"My Norwegian Holiday" takes us through the snowy streets and breathtaking landscapes of Norway.

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The majority of the outdoor scenes were filmed in and around the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway.

Bergen, Norway

while many interiors were shot in Dublin, the capital city Ireland.

Dublin, Ireland

Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its colorful wooden houses, vibrant harbor, and stunning surrounding mountains.

The iconic Bryggen waterfront is featured prominently in the film, providing a picturesque backdrop for Christmas markets and festive scenes.

The Fantoft Stave Church, a historic wooden church built in the 12th century, adds a touch of traditional Norwegian charm to the film.

 The film features scenes from the charming Christmas market in Torgallmenningen Square.

This is the first film this year to be filmed in Norway, starring Rhiannon Fish and David Elsendoorn as leads.

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My Norwegian Holiday premieres on Hallmark Channel on: -Dec 10 at 12/11c -Dec 18 at 8/7c -Dec 26 at 8a/7c -Jan 1 at 4a/3c

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