To Your Eternity Episode 21 Release Date, Countdown, Preview, Promo, Spoilers

Fans are waiting for the release date of To Your Eternity Episode 21 so let’s find out when does episode 21 comes out. The story of the anime is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima that follows a lonely character named Fushi who lands on Earth in a supernatural manner. Many challenges and poor peoples are waiting for Fushi in his journey, he is the immortal creature on Earth who is here to help poor people and punish the Nokkers. In the journey of interaction with humans, he develops self consciousness and his own will.

To Your Eternity Episode 21 Release Date and Time

To Your Eternity Episode 21 will be released in 2022 according to the official anime production house. This will also be the first episode of To Your Eternity season 2 that will continue the story right after episode 20 finished. Now, Fushi is living on a deserted island after Pioran’s death.

Where to watch episode 21 of To Your Eternity?

To Your Eternity is streaming on Crunchyroll worldwide. You can watch the show in original Japanese audio and English subtitles. Premium users can watch it on the original release date without any ads while the free users has to wait a bit longer to see the episodes with ads. Japanese users can stream the show on Netflix also.

Episode 20 Recap

Fushi did not understand the Beholder’s warning that Pioran is nearing death from old age. Pioran has developed mood swings from dementia in a span of several months. One day, the dying Pioran asks The Beholder to approve her reincarnation in a person that Fushi can live with. She wants to be with Fushi in his everlasting journey. As per her request, the Beholder makes some arrangement and through a white orb that looks similar to true Fushi.

To Your Eternity episode 20 recap

Fushi mourns after seeing Pioran’s dead body on earth and worries that he will never be able to meet again with his lifelong friend and good companion. He remembers every beautiful moment with her and feels sad. Years later, a grown up Fuji laughed out crazily because he has eliminated another Nokker.

To Your Eternity Episode 21 Spoilers

To Your Eternity Episode 21 will be about Fushi living on a deserted island and his encounter with various village people. In his encounter, he might see the reincarnation of his deceased friend that he lost several decades ago, all depends on the mood of the Beholder who created him. Fushi will return to civilization after leaving Hayase behind.

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