Nashville Youtuber shot and killed after video prank gone wrong

20-year-old youtuber, Timothy Wilks from Nashville, Tennessee have been fatally shot and killed by his friend during a video prank, as per state police. While he was doing the robbery prank, his 23-year-old friend David Starnes Jr. shot him in front of a family-friendly Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

This place is good to walk with family but this violent crime will probably affect this scene now. Let’s know some more details about the case revealed by Nashville police.

Youtuber shot and killed during prank

Timothy Wilks(20) died after a fatal shooting in Urban Air trampoline and adventure park by David Starnes Jr(23). However, this happened while they were filming a new prank robbery video to upload on YouTube.

Starnes was allowed to carry a handgun legally as per law and he also admitted the shooting in front of police and said he was not aware that Wilks and his friend were pulling a prank. He shot in self defense and no charges have been filed against anyone and the case is still under investigation.

These type of videos brings millions of views and tons of social shares but those clips contain fake firearms, getaway vehicles, blunt knife, etc. that are not supposed to harm. However, young generation doesn’t care about anyone and still make that type of videos to go viral.

This is why many people on Twitter are condemning this incident and most of them are talking about it hilariously. You should not do that type of things for temporary pleasure, social currency.

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Do not risk your life because you are important and your life is precious.

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