The Trial of Christine Keeler Season 2 Release Date, Watch Online

The Trial of Christine is a British television series based on true events in the UK. In it, along with knowing the story of Christine Keeler, you will also learn about the huge sex racket going on in 1990. The show has been produced by Amanda Coe and the first episode aired in the United Kingdom on BBC One in December 2019. Recently in December 2020, it has been launched in the United States by HBO Max in 6 part series, due to which the controversies are back and everyone in the US is discussing it again.

The Trial of Christine Keeler Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 was launched on 9 December 2020 in which each episode was of 60 minutes. As far as the season 2 release date is concerned, then the story of Christine Keeler ends with the completion of 6 episodes, most probably there is no chance that its new season will be launched. However, if the next season comes, then you can show the life of another victim in it.

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Season 2 Cast

  • Sophie Cookson as Christine Keeler
  • Ellie Bomber as Mandy Rice-Davies
  • James Norton as Dr. Stephen Ward
  • Ben Miles as John Profumo
  • Valerie Hobson as Emilia Fox
  • Johny Edgecombe as Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
  • Visar Vishka as Eugene Ivanov
  • Lucky Gordon as Anthony Welsh
  • Jeremy Hutchinson as Paul Ritter

Season 1 Recap

The Trial of Christine Keeler Season 2 release date and cast

In Season 1 you see that Keeler is convicted and sentenced to 9 months for lying and obstructing justice. But when she comes home after completing her sentence, her social life is completely ruined because Stephen Ward is no longer in this world. The reason for his death is said to be an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills.

Mandy Rice-Davies starts a new life in Israel and launches his new pop record while Profumo and his wife quell the whole issue and start working as a volunteer for charity. After knowing all this you may have understood how difficult it will be to release The Trial of Christine Keeler Season 2 because, at the end of season 1, most of all the secrets have been revealed.

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