The Challenge: Double Agents Gold Skull Winner 🥇 Season 36 episode 4

After watching The Challenge Season 36 Episode 4, probably you are feeling weird as this episode appears to be messy. Fessy pushed away every single member of his clan and in addition, he gave the dirtiest performances that ever recorded in the reality TV show. Let’s find out who will be the Gold Skull Winner now?

Who was the winner of the Drone Control in The Challenge?

Tori and Devin were the winners because they were the only team who successfully finished the challenge and this winning makes Devin a hero as all the other teams had failed.

Deliberation in the House

Nelson is trying to convince everybody in the house as two girls already sent back home due to getting injured. On the other hand, Tori is walking into the crater to meet Aneesa and discuss sending someone weak so that her Gold Skull winning probability will rise.

Also, Tori says talks with Josh about Devin and tells that he wants to put him into elimination box as he doesn’t like him onto which Josh said that he doesn’t like Devin too.

Fessy is flirting with Gabby Allen and Devin reveals the names that he want to get rid of including Amber Borzotra, Darrell Taylor Kaycee Clark, and Josh Martinez too.

Who will eliminate in Episode 4 of The Challenge: Double Agents?

When TJ announced that one man 👨 has to go home today. TJ asks that Tori and Devin would like to compete with each other, on which Tori asks who will be the elimination of a guy or girl. TJ replied that there will be a guy’s elimination and after that, all people start looking at Hall Brawl and Fessy.

Probably, Fessy will won this elimination round due to his dirty and mental gymnastics. He surprised everyone by dropping Aneesa and picking Kaycee as her partner.

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