Surviving Death Season 2 will release or Cancelled?

Netflix’ Surviving Death Season 2 happening or not? Probably, every fan is questioning after watching the whole season 1 with all 6 episodes. Well, Death is the ultimate truth afterlife ends and that’s why many scientists are looking for a way to look through the place beyond death. In the 21st century, everything looks possible but is that so advanced that it will stop death and makes the individual survive?

Surviving Death Season 2 Netflix Release Date

Surviving Death Season 2 will not be released on Netflix because the way the final episode of season 1 concludes, the chances of renewing are pretty slim. Although this is just speculation as no official announcement has been made by Netflix yet.

Season 1 has recently premiered on Wednesday 6 January 2021 at 3 AM ET on Netflix. There is a total of 6 episodes focusing on life and death.

Season 1 Recap

The documentary web-series focuses on the events that every person faces after death. You will get chills on hearing the real-life conversations from paranormal experts and the person who got near-death experiences. Apart from fiction, this will really help you in exploring reincarnation, grief, consciousness, communication with the spirits, and many more events beyond death.

The whole season is based on actual conversations with souls. We come across many families who used to talk with their loved ones who have been departed from the world. Moreover, they reveal the method to accomplish the task and the best ways of communication.

On the other hand, it highlights individuals as 5-years-old Atlas and James who can recall their past memories from the old life. It seems his soul is incarnated into a human life again so that he can share his experience with the world.

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