One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date Countdown, Watch Online Netflix, Eng Sub, Spoilers

One Punch Man season 3 release date is creating anxiety among Saitama fans. There is hardly any corner on this earth where there is no fan of One Punch Man. The Shonen’s anime series is popular all over the world so the animators are not in the mood to end this.

Keeping this in mind, we may get to see a lot of seasons of One Punch Man in the coming time, but now the question is about season 3. Will season 3 launch of this popular comedy Anime?

When will One Punch Man Season 3 comes out?

One Punch Man Season 3 will be aired on April 2023 as per our speculation. It is taking time because of the unavailability of comic material that is scheduled to release in 2020. Now, in 2021, the anime creators are having enough manga material to create a brand new season of Saitama. Also, anime creators has to do very hard-work and if you look closely, every new season of Saitama comes under the gap of at least 3 years.

ONE PUNCH MAN TWEET confirmed that OPM is not cancelled

Don’t worry One Punch Man is not canceled even after receiving too much criticism after season 2. Recently, the show-makers tweeted to thank all the viewers of season 2. The first season released in October 2015 and the second season released in April 2019. There was a huge gap of 4 years so don’t worry about it’s release date countdown if it takes time.

Where can I watch ONE PUNCH MAN all episodes?

The third season will simulcast on Crunchyroll(Europe), AnimeLab(Australia and New Zealand), Tubi(Canada), and on Hulu inside the USA. You can watch the English dub version of the older seasons on Crunchyroll, VUDU, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and AnimeLab in most of the countries in original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

One Punch Man Season 3 watch online eng sub

OPM Season 2 Ending

The ending of One-Punch Man Season 3 had Garou struggle towards a bunch of heroes. During this a part of the story, we had began the Monsters Association Arc. So, it’s provided that the following season of One-Punch Man will proceed with this storyline.

What will happen in One Punch Man Season 3?

In OPM season 3, we are able to anticipate fairly a number of one-on-one battles between S-Rank heroes of the Heroes Association and members of the Monsters Association. The upcoming episodes might have extra deal with the monsters and villains.

OPM Season 3 plot

During that, we might even see extra of Garou as he would achieve new powers, robust sufficient to face up to a struggle with Saitama that might go greater than a single punch. Moreover, on this season, we might even see extra of Lord Orochi and probably a struggle between him and Saitama.

What do you think will happen in One Punch Man Season 3? Will Saitama been able to defeat Lord Orochi?

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