One Piece E954: Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers

One Piece is a famous anime based on a manga series whose story moves around a boy, Luffy who got rubber properties and become unbeatable. All this starts when he accidentally digests a devil fruit. He wants to become the next pirate king and that’s why he goes on a sea journey in search of the ultimate treasure.

One Piece Episode 954 Release Date

One Piece Episode 954 titled ‘Its Name is Enma! Oden’s Great Swords’ will be released on Sunday, 13 December 2020. E955 will be launching on 20 December 2020 after One Piece E954 if there is no delay. You can watch Eng Dub version of all the episodes on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Funimation with English subtitles.

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Episode 954 Spoilers

In One Piece E954, you will see the emotional story of Gyukimaru and Kawamatsu. The coming episode is really a huge one because Zoro will be getting a sword or special weapon in that.

However, we can take some idea from the previous episode 953 that starts with Gyukimaru telling the importance of Shusui for Wano country and now picking up a fight but suddenly Kawamatsu entered and stopped him. Gyukimau said that he is so happy after looking him alive and ran away with eyes full of tears.

One Piece E954 Preview Spoilers

Hiyori is also crying because it is revealed that Kawamatsu raised her. She doesn’t stop tears of happiness coming out of her eyes but also fears that Kawamatsu will die because of her and that’s why she decides to run away so that the Kappa wouldn’t find her. And the same thing happens, Kawamatsu left no stone unturned in the village but Hirori was nowhere to be seen as she disappeared.

Now coming to Gyukimaru again, he was also crying because of some emotional attachment with Kawamatsu. The episode showed up with some flashback scenes of Gyukimaru when he was with the Kappa enjoying and playing together. But in the middle, some goons appeared and shot him at his shoulder back. Zoro and his gang start fighting with them and Gyukimaru gets the time to run away expressing his happiness after meeting with Kawamatsu the Kappa.

What do you think will happen in One Piece E954? Will the Kappa been able to meet Hirori and Gyukimaru again?

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