Noblesse Episode 13: Release Date, Countdown, English Dub

Time for the release countdown for the final episode of Noblesse. It’s going to be hard for everyone to digest that ep 13 will be the last one of the series and this will conclude the season. The show was not looking in a good form at the beginning on 7 October. But as the story progressed, the storyline was becoming interesting and engaging.

Noblesse Episode 13 Release Date

Noblesse Episode 13, titled ‘Take Her Hand’ will be released on Wednesday, 30 December 2020 at 9:00 AM ET in the United States of America. This will be the final or last episode of season 1.

You can watch the English dubbed version of the whole season on Crunchyroll with English subtitles and Japanese audio.

Episode 12 Recap

Noblesse Episode 13

In episode 12, Rai and his friends realize that they have to compete against the greatest nobles including the lord. Rael knows that no one can stand in front of his speed except Frank because the last time he defeated M-21 he could not stand in front of him.

But this time M-21 returned stronger than before with new features. Tao and Regis also arrive there because Frank has given them T-Drug, which increases their power considerably. M-21 then attacks Rael and tore his clothes, which are soiled with blood.

Inside Ludedonia, Seira banishes her prisoners so that she can save Gejutel from the Lord’s death sentence. Gejutel convinces Lord to let Seira sleep forever, but Gejutel and Rai later learn that they must fight and defeat Lord instead of bowing to Lord to save themselves and their friends. Now to know whether they defeat Frank and Lord or not, you have to watch the Noblesse finale.

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What do you think who will execute in the Noblesse episode 13? Will it be Rael, Gejutel, Frank, the Lord, or all the villains? What do you think, let me know in the comments below?

Noblesse Episode 13 Release Date
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