Mike and Natalie from 90 Day Fiance Now, Are they still together?

Mike and Natalie from 90 Day Fiance are not in the best place now after break up as we have seen in the season 8 premiere. We saw that Natalie Mordovtseva telling Mike Youngquist that her visa got approved for the United States and now she can come to the USA from Ukraine.

Even after approval of her K-1 Visa she doesn’t seem so much excited because her sadness is overriding all of her joy. Probably, she is feeling empty after her fiance cheated on her.

But in the defense of that, Mike said that he wouldn’t cheat on Natalie but in the last few months, she really made take a huge step in this relationship.

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Are Mike and Natalie still together from 90 Day Fiance?

No, Mike and Natalie are separated in season 8 of 90-day Fiance as Mike sends Natalie back to Ukraine. The tension starts between them after Natalie told her man 👨 about her visa and she has to leave the place in 20 days.

Why did Natalie and Mike break-up?

Mike and Natalie breakup on 90 Day  Fiance

Mike was in shock as he doesn’t want to commit to a lifetime relationship with Natalie because he was dating his best friend already. He also said that he is not ready to hear all this but according to the plan NATALIE reached America but things still did not go well. Finally, the Ukrainian woman prepares to go back home from America without proper planning.

He also stated that both of them were struggling with anger and jealousy and they hoped that this relationship could be taken forward. Admittedly, Mike, who lives in Washington, revealed that he was not ready to marry Natalie at all and was going to give his love another chance.

When Mike later discussed the visa update with his hairdresser and they know that he hadn’t even thought about the wedding yet, the reality star said in response that it was exciting and scary, after which he made all sorts overcame feelings.

What do you think about the relationship between Mike and Natalie? Will they appear closer at any point of life now? Do you think it was just a hoax and none of them love each other?

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