Let Them All Talk Ending Explained | Murder Twist

Directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Deborah Eisenberg, Let them All Talk is a comedy-drama filmed whose story moves around a famous author who goes on a cruise ship with her friends and nephew. She starts the journey in search of happiness and enjoyment to forget the troubles that she experienced in the past. However, its ending is really amusing to the viewers and that’s why it needs to be explained.

Let them All Talk Ending Explained

In the ending, Roberta steals Alice’s diary and tried to sell it off but couldn’t succeed so she gives it to Karen and asks her to transfer it to Tyler. Susan also starts writing with the assistance of Kelvin Kranz, a professional thriller writer.

In the last scene, Tyler is returning the diary to his aunt Alice’s desk. However, she died in her sleep some days ago and he knew that but his understanding of his aunt and her inspiration attracts him to return again.

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What was the twist?

The twist in Let Them All Talk movie was that Meryl Streep dies of DVT out of nowhere 😂. Actually, the man on the ship with her was her doctor, not her lover. The film is really confusing and makes us feel dumb at the very end, I watched the movie many times but unable to get it enough. It was really pointless with no depth.

Reasons for Alice’s Murder in ‘Let Them All Talk‘ Movie

Karen’s risk of failing eliminated if Alice dies, Tyler inherits a new life from her name after her death. So, it can also possible that either Karen or Tyler murdered Alice. Moreover, Susan is not revealing the details about the fateful night from Alice and Roberta.


  • Gemma Chan as Karen
  • Candice Bergen as Roberta
  • Meryl Streep as Alice
  • Dianne Wiest as Susan
  • Elna Baker as Clovis
  • Christopher Fitzgerald as Eddie
  • Mary Catherine Garrison as Customer

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