Is Lana ghosting David from 90 Day Fiancé? Check Now

90 Day Fiancé is really one of the most-liked American Reality TV Show known for making real-life couples from all over the world. One such couple from season 4 was Lana and David Murphey.

Lana was from Ukraine and David from the United States. Viewers were happy on seeing both of them together in the TLC show but there is some controversy about Lana now. Let’s find out the truth!

Is Lana ghosting David from 90 Day Fiancé?

The Short Answer is No! Lana is not ghosting David in any way instead she explains on her Instagram story that their courtship was scripted and that was the show idea she has to follow.

How David met Lana and when were they engaged?

David was wild at the show with Lana but finally, their relationship ended up with engagement. Firstly, he found her on a Russian dating site thinking that he will spend his rest life with the love of his life.

But the courting journey was not that easy as the show highlights. It was not so romantic but a wild goose chase. David tried so hard to get Lana at his place. He had flown many times from LA to Ukraine only to meet her.

All attempts to convince her for marriage prove to be futile and every time she rejected his proposal. Finally, on the show, David proposed to Lana and she accepted but that was only for the show not in real life.

Does David actually meet Lana?

Yes! 90 Day fiancé star, David met Lana after 7 years.

Are David and Lana still together 2021?

No! Lana and David are not together in real life. They were engaged only in the show.

How much does David pay to talk to Lana?

David spent up to $250,000 to talk with Lana.

Who is the richest 90 day fiancé?

David Murphey with around $2.5 Million.

What does David from a 90-day fiancé do for a living?

David is an SR Systems Programmer working for Clark Country in Nevada with an average salary of around $98,784.

What do you think is Lana ghosting David in real life as he tried so many times even after they left the show but she always rejected his proposal?

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