Is Halsey flirting with Corpse Husband right Now?

Are Halsey and Corpse Husband are flirting 😏 with each other? Is this possible? Well! It’s hard to digest but that’s 100% true. It all starts with a tweet from Halsey in which she was asking how to play Among Us.

However, the ways of popularity are different for both celebrities. Halsey is known for his face and melodious voice while Corpse Husband never exposed his face and sing behind the cameras.

How Halsey started flirting with Corpse Husband?

On 20 December 2020, Halsey tweeted Hello at Corpse Husband’s profile and in the reply Corpse Husband said ‘Exactly’.

Then Halsey tweeted ‘Ahh! You are deep voice no face human! hello!.

‘Yes hello, I also have hand’, he responded back.

Then the actual part of the chat started when Halsey tweeted that she wanted to play a space game but she doesn’t know. And she also requests him to teach that how she can play the game.

Onto which Corpse replied give a mind-blowing reply that a guy always said to a girl, ‘I’ll DM You’. And this reply is getting viral and people are posting hilarious reactions in reply to this reply.

See How Fans are reacting to Halsey and Corpse Husband flirty tweets

Most of the fans are now seeing Halsey and Corpse Husband together making a song and that’s why they are advising for a collaboration.

Some big names as James Charles also smell of what’s cooking between Corpse Husband and Halsey. He rep

Some fans are really shocked to see this behavior of their favorite stars.

What do you think about the relationship between Halsey and Corpse Husband?

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