Great Pretender Episode 23 Preview, Spoilers, Summary

Great Pretender is a Netflix original crime comedy anime produced by Wit Production. The story of comedy-filled anime moves around a story in which an expert thieves group sneer at only the rich and powerful who take advantage of others and exploit them. The story of this animation has been written by Ryota Kosawa while Hiro Kaburagi and Ryoji Masuyama have directed the series. So far 22 episodes of this show have been released and the 23rd episode is going to be launched soon.

Great Pretender Episode 23 Release Date

Great Pretender Episode 23 titled ‘Wizard of Far East’ will be released on Wednesday, 16 December 2020 on Fuji TV and +Ultra. Currently, all the previous episodes are streaming on Netflix and you can watch them with English subtitles.

Episode 22 Recap

Great Pretender Episode 23

Episode 22 starts with the exposure of Laurent’s gang by Edamame. Ed explains his plan to Cassano that he wants revenge from Laurent for abandoning him and his mother. On the day of the transaction, Laurent brings a meeting with Liu and Chen with secretly having Ishigami and Akemi behind him. Liu passes a briefcase filled with stock certificates in return for 100 billion Yuan. In the meantime, Laurent’s gang arrived on the spot wearing SWAT gears and takes the briefcase as well as check.

Later, we saw that when Kudo comes to arrest Akemi, Edamura starts threatening him by showing his hidden sword. Ozaki throws his sword away and also injures him. After this, the gunfight begins and in the meantime, Ishhigami, Liu, Chen, and Akemi leave the office immediately.

When they come back, they find that there was no office there, it was just a temptation. Now to know what happens after this, you have to watch the upcoming episode.

What do you think will happen in Great Pretender Episode 23? What will be the reaction of Liu, Chen, Ishigami and Akemi after finding no office? Till there check out One Piece E954: Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers

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