Elon Musk tweets this classic line from Bhagavad Gita

When a tech billionaire like Elon Musk and hard-headed pragmatist appears to reprise the ancient Indian notion of Bhagavad Gita, Maya, or illusion, then it is time to close up and listen.

I’m turned into a meme, destroyer of shorts“, talking about the way the prevalence and therefore the proliferation of memes has spelled the death knell of shorts. The wordplay is similar to Lord Krishna’s in Gita.

Elon Musk Bhagavad Geeta Connection

Throughout Mahabharata, while persuading Pandava prince Arjun to convince to take his obligation go to war against the Kauravas. Lord Krishna is thought to have said, “I become Death, the destroyer of worlds“.

The tweet is actually based on GameStop where a team of Redditors were successful in fooling WallStreet. After this tweet from Elon Musk, GameStop’s price started touching sky. Just imagine how greater the impact is by just one tweet of this tech billionaire, we can also take the example of Signal App.

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