Detention Episode 5 Preview, Release Date, Spoilers

Detention Episode 4 ends up with Yunxiang Liu and Ruixin Fang in which the ghost is revealing her true intentions for Liu, the rest part will be shown in episode 5. The horror drama is based on the video game of the same name. The first episode was premiered recently on 5 December 2020 on Netflix and is become popular on the streaming platform.

Detention Episode 5 Release Date

Detention Season 1 Episode 5 and Ep 6 will be released on Saturday, 19 December 2020 at 8 AM ET on Netflix. Season 1 will have 8 episodes in total with each episode of 50 minutes. You can watch the old and newest episodes of Detention on Netflix only.

Detention Episode 5 Preview

Detention Episode 5 preview spoilers

In Detention Episode 5, Yunxiang will face the consequences of becoming the host of Ruixin’s ghost and also will also listen to criticizing comments.

We can find out more possibilities by taking a recap from Episode 4 titled Falsehood in which we see everything from romance to sinister.

In the beginning, Ruixin tells Yunxinag about his true intentions and says that he wants to take revenge on people by entering into his body as if people had harassed him and done wrong to him. After this Yunxinag finds Cheng and the two of them together do a holy ritual to save themselves from the ghost of Ruixin.

The school principal is angry with Shen Hua because he is giving an earring to a student of the school in front of everyone and is going to hang out with him. However, Shen Hua kisses Yunxinag in the class and even tries to rape her but Yunxiang calls Ruixin, a ghost spirit and she saved her ultimately.

But Yunxiang poetry is continually rejected by the school authorities due to plagiarism and on this issue, the ghost reveals why she killed herself. She was forced to talk about an illegal book club and she wasn’t interested.

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What do you think, will Yunxiang remains with the ghost Ruixin in Detention Episode 5, or she will keep her distance from her? Whatever happens, you will be informed first, just visit our Facebook page.

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