Darrell Taylor from The Challenge returning for Double Agents

The four-time winner of ‘The Challenge’ Darrell Taylor, is finally returning for Season 36 that is Double Agents, and hopefully, he will maintain his winning streak for the upcoming seasons of Dirty 30 too.

However, he was eliminated quite early due to being lazy and wasn’t ready on time but there is something personal that he shares today. He talked about the contestants whom he feels as a potential threat and out of nowhere he named a person who is very close to him.

Darrell Taylor from The Challenge trusts this guy more than anyone else

Darrell reveals in an interview with EW that he trusts veteran Leroy Garrett and his wife Kam Williams on the Challenge and the reason for trusting him is natural. Leroy is the only guy that met him twice a year and Kam is in a fully committed relationship with him.

He is a cool guy with whom Darrell can talk about anything. Leroy lives in Vegas and this is the place where Taylor goes often with his wife. Both of them hit him up due to its adjustable nature.

Darrell also discusses hanging out with the Big Brother participants and he found the environment very interesting for settling.

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Which person is a threat to Darrell Taylor on Double Agents?

Darrell sees Wes Bergmann as his biggest threat and wants to get rid of him as soon as possible. He is one of the smartest guys in the room and has generated several twists and turns in the past games.

He can do many things at once like training himself up and conniving players side by side. That is going to be a cutthroat competition and things will be harder more than they supposed to.

Whatever happens, whoever wins, you can catch the preview of the Challenge: Double Agents Declassified Special on Monday 7 December on MTV with Darrell Taylor and other cast members. The show will premiere on 9 December 2020 at 8/7c on MTV.

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