Dare Me Cancelled or Not? When will Season 2 release?

Dare Me is another Netflix original series based on the life of high-school cheerleaders whose lives turned upside down when they will meet their new coach. It first appeared on the platform on 29 December 2020 and the best part about this series is that it appears realistic with mixed feelings. Its storyline really amazing and interesting but will there be season 2 for Dare Me on Netflix? Let’s find out.

Is Dare Me Cancelled? Will there be no Season 2 on Netflix?

Yes! Dare Me is officially canceled after its first season and there will be no season 2 for the series. The reason was that Netflix and Universal Content Productions are looking forward to releasing some reality shows instead of launching fictions one after another.

So, don’t feel small if you are a fan of this series. There may be another season for that if the productions platform changes their minds in the future. We can expect season 2 of Dare Me to launch someday in 2022.

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Dare Me season 2 Cast netflix

Herizen Guardiola as Addy Hanlon

Addy is one of the main characters of the whole series. She is a cheerleader at high school. You will also find her in various TV series like American Gods, The Get Down, Runaway Island movie, and The Lost Husband.

Marlo Kelly as Beth Cassidy

Beth is the best friend of Addy and also the captain of the cheerleading squad at Sutton Grover High School in Dare Me. Marlo is known for doing various short TV series like Nobody Hangs Out Anymore, Chlorine, Vampir, Home and Away, Patricia Moore, etc.

Willa Fitzgerald as Colette French

Colette French is the new cheerleading coach at Sutton Grover High School. She is also featured in Day by Day, Billions, Younger, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, House of Cards, and other TV series. Dare Me cancelled for another season otherwise, we shall definitely saw him in the coming season too.

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