Clouds based on a True Story or Not? Check Details

The heartbreaking move Clouds has recently released on 16 October, Friday via Disney plus in their own style. However, director Justin Baldoni who is popular as Jane the Virgin star in the Hollywood industry tried their best to make it as real as possible with Madison Iseman. Probably, you are wondering that the film is having a connection to the actual world. Let’s find out.

Is Clouds Movie based on a True Story?

Yes! Clouds is based on the real story of a young teenager named Zach Sobiech who lived in Lakeland, Minnesota with his family. he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 14. He was fighting from this aggressive bone tumour from that day. But sadly, after struggling for almost 4 years, Sobiech passed away from cancer in 2013 before a week of celebrating his 18th birthday.

It was originally inspired from a novel written by Sobiech’s mother, Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom’s small Prayer in a Big Way. Many artists paid tribute to Zach like Sara Bareilles, The Lumineers, Jason Mraz, Bryan Cranston, etc.

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Struggle of Zach Sobiech with Cancer

In the high-school, the young musician learned from the doctors that his tumour was converting into cancer and start spreading everywhere. They said that he is having only a year to live now. After listening to this, he decided to make a band with his best friends Reed Redmond and Sammy Brown. He used this time to build-up his music career and live his dreams, even he will succeed or not.

Finally, he launched his first singl, Clouds that acquired a solid #3 in Billboard US, and went viral on Youtube by gaining 13M+ views and counting. Moreover, his song was listened among people from all ages in France, UK, Belgium, Canada, etc.

Today, he is not between us but his works and struggles will definitely help young generations to do something great for their country, family, and himself.

May your soul Rest in Peace Zach!

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