Christina from MAFS resurfaces on Social Media after divorcing Henry

The last Season of MAFS or Married At First Sight, took place in New Orleans where Christina divorced Henry making it the longest season of the franchise.

The match organized between Henry and Christina was going well on paper but the chemistry was becoming questionable and experts don’t find it interesting. Instead of looking at good qualities in Christina, Henry looks at her in an opposite manner calling her impatient and pushy.

Although, the total fault is not of Christina from MAFS as in the last episode it was revealed that Henry is having an affair with another woman and he is cheating with her. On the flip side, she was looking for him to make a move towards her and that’s why she gave him a chance.

But he spoils everything after messaging about her affair. However, she apologized at the finale but Henry will go a long way to get over this one.

Where is Christina from MAFS now?

Christina from MAFS is having fun in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after turning off the social media and unnecessary peoples from her life. She is doing a remote job in Mexico and there is a lot of work to do but she is so happy working there.

Christina from MAFS resurfaces on Social Media after divorcing Henry

She captioned on her Instagram post, the first day introducing myself to new people and waiting around, but far so good. She is living peacefully and enjoying her own company, that’s called real happiness.

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Remembering Married At First Sight Old Days

We all know that things have always been tough for this beautiful star but she always takes her problems as an opportunity and learned from them.

That’s why you will not find her saying negative things, no matter whatever happened with her. She wrote that she will look at that as a lesson and her current life is filled with love and she is grateful to have that.

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  1. Christina, I wish that girl the best. I just saw the last i terview with Kevin Frazer and honestly, him and that Henry were total jerks. She apologized already to that man and for the host and that weirdo to just go at her, annoyed and upset me. No one spoke a word of kindness to her, they all kept quiet. She will find hapiness and true friends. Stay positive Christine, learn to differentiate acquaintances from real friends. Be kind and loving and you will attract that into your life. Will pray you find that person that will cherish you.


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