Bill Kenny: Clint Greenwood killer | How Did Bill Kenny Die?

Bill Kenny Clint Greenwood killer: As we all know Discovery ID is capable of making the True Crime Investigation Series look like a reality. One of them is See No Evil. This time episode shows the story of the murder case of Clean Greenwood in 2017.

He was assassinated on 3 April 2017 by a man named Bill Kenny. Clint was then Chief Deputy Officer of Harris County. In this case, the police caught the killer after 7 days. Let’s know the full story of this case:

Who killed Clint Greenwood?

clint greenwood

Officer Greenwood was killed by former computer programmer Bill Kenny, named William Francis Kenny. At the time he murdered him, Clint had gone to work in the Baytown Harris courtyard of County Texas.

Who was Bill Kenny?

Bill Kenny was a 64-year-old man who lived in Texas. His wife filed for divorce in 2012 due to a dispute. Due to domestic disturbances between them, the police once went to their house but at that time the police did not find anything wrong. He seems that his father-in-law has tried to arrest him on a false charge.

He went mad to clear his name, although he had no case. In this madness, he started calling in Sharif’s office every day and sending emails.

He has created a website and started posting all the talks about him with Sharif. He was upset about why he was investigated. After this, he made a list of all the enforcement officers of Harris County and accused them all of the corruption.

For 5 years he continued to harass them every day and gradually lost his mental balance. Finally in 2017, Bill killed Officer Clint Greenwood.

How Did Bill Kenny Die?

Weeks before the murder, Bill Kenny lived in a motel 10 miles from his home. He rented a car🚙 there. On April 4, the next day of the murder, He was suicide in front of the Ben Taub hospital. His dead body remained unclaimed here for a week until the police identified him from his rented vehicle.

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