Bachelor Matt James is frustrated about fans speculations about picking White Woman

Bachelor Matt James is one of the handsome and charming guys that ever introduced in the history of The Bachelor. Moreover, he is the first black man who is selected as the main contestant of this reality show.

Everything was going so smoothly before fans speculations that are about choosing a white woman. They thought that Matt only likes white women and this means he himself doesn’t like black peoples.

Fans Speculations on Bachelor Matt James that he gonna pick up White Woman

It will be fun to see which contestant Matt James chooses as his life partner in the end because the fans have accepted that he will definitely choose a white woman.

All the women he has dated before were all black, but seeing this ABC reality show, Matt seems to totally love white women.

In a fresh interview with Rachel Lindsay on the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast, James said that we should respect everyone no matter what they look like. You should be happy with whoever you are and if you were really close to me then you already know that all the women I dated before were black.

That’s why Fans are giving mixed reactions on Twitter.

However, some tweets appear defending Matt’s personality by comparing The Bachelor with the Bachelorette in which Tayshia Adams was casting who picked up Zac Clark in the end.

Bachelor Matt James Reaction

James reacted on the Happy Hour podcast by saying that we have to respect members of all races and no matter how someone looks, everyone deserves to be respected.

The woman that I am looking for doesn’t belong to a specific race as I am not looking for a race. I don’t exclusively date white women and all I have dated all across the board and I’ve found redeeming qualities in everybody which is a blessing. This is also the reason that it is so hard to choose the better half for this season.

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What do you think whom will Bachelor Matt James pick as her partner, will she be ‘Queen’ Victoria?

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