Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 11 Release Date, Preview

Assault Lily: Bouquet is an anime series produced by Shaft Studios under the direction of Hajime Otani and Shoji Saeki. The story of this anime is very similar to our real world, just one thing that makes it different is the involvement of monsters. Humans have also evolved a weapon class known as charms that help in taking down those evil creatures. However, those weapons are well-handled by teenage girls and each of the young women called Lily.

The show is becoming popular since it had launched on 2 October 2020 and has developed a huge fan base in the crowded world of animation lovers. Till now it has released 10 episodes and this time fans are waiting for ep 11.

Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 11 Release Date

Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 11 titled ‘Lily: Purity’ will be released on Friday, 18 December 2020 on its respected time. English Dub version of all the aired episodes are available on the Funimation in English subtitles and Japanese sounds as usual.

Episode 11 Preview

Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 11 preview

When the people of Earth came to know to what extent demons can destroy the Earth, they made weapons named Charm and established gardens. Those weapons can be handled by young girls well, so she is also the main character of our anime.

Initially, we see Riri Hitotsuyangi who comes to Yurigaoka Academy to get admission and on the way, she meets Yuyu and Riri is very impressed with her when she tells him about her experience of being Lily and now she also wants to be lily-like her. Yuyu tells him that becoming a Lily is not so easy. Now both of them arrive at the academy and meet Kaede Johan Nouvelle whose father the chairman of the world’s largest Charm manufacturing factory.

In his first fight with Riri, he defeated Riri and nearly killed her because her Charm doesn’t open on time. On this, Yuyu guides her that she has to go through a bonding process before using her charm.

Will she able to bypass the process? What do you think?

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