Aquatope on White Sand Episode 15 Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers, Preview, Where to watch Shiroi Suna No Aquatope?

Aquatope on White Sand episode 15 is landing this Thursday at its respected time as there is no delay between the release of episodes. The Aquatope on White Sand (白い砂のアクアトープ, Shiroi Suna no Akuatōpu) is an anime TV series written by Yūko Kakihara and produced by P.A. Works studios. It sets in a small aquarium of Okinawa where an 18-year old high school student named Kukuru Misakino is employed. One day, she meets a girl named Fuuka who has given up her dream to become an idol. Then, the two starts unveiling the secrets of aquarium and explore dreams of each other.

Aquatope on White Sand Episode 15 Release Date and Time

Aquatope on White Sand Ep 15 titled The Great Sea Slug Debate is set to release on Thursday, 14 Oct 2021 at 12:30 PM EDT only on Crunchyroll. There will be a total of 24 episodes in this season with an average running time of 22 minutes. Asian viewers can watch the English subbed versions on Muse Asia YouTube channel. New episodes will be released at different times on Crunchyroll in distinct regions as:

  • Pacific Time: 09:30 AM PT
  • Central Time: 11:30 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 12:30 PM EDT
  • British Time: 05:30 PM BST
  • Japan Time: 01:30 AM JST on 15 Oct
  • Australian Time: 03:30 AM AET on 15 October

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Episode 14 Recap

In episode 14, Fuuka stunned Kukuru with an accidental visit to her place. The later becomes very happy on listening that Fuuka has got a job at Tingaara and moved next to her apartment. Kukuru still wants to work at aquarium for long time after finishing her job in Gama Gama.

Aquatope on White Sand episode 14 recap

Miss Haebara speaks coldly with Fuuka and asks her to memorize 20 penguins of Gama Gama and their relationships. Finally, Haebara accepts her when she is able to recall the names of all the penguins. The tour goes well and all the attendees become excited to explore new adventures.

Aquatope on White Sand Episode 15 Spoilers

Aquatope on White Sand Episode 15 preview shows that Fuuka and Kukuru living together while the later also appreciates the former’s company. Fuuka also reveals that Kukuru is the reason why she is here. We get to see another glimpse on the duo relationship and the quality time they spend together.

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