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Directed by Hannah Fidell, A Teacher is a small drama film released in 2013 at Sundance Festival. At that time, this movie was on limited release in the US but it becomes so popular that Fidel has to release a short-series on Hulu regarding this film. The story moves around a teacher Diana Watts and her student Eric Tull who comes closer and makes connections with each other. It sounds romantic at the beginning but slowly their relationship fades away and everything started to fall in the ending that would be explained today!

A Teacher Ending Explained

In the ending, Diana is talking to Eric about her ex-boyfriend and this is the first time she mentions her mother. She has a deep influence on her mother’s health and seems to fondly recall those memories.

Also, she is not concerned about the moral impact of her doings but the legal outcomes make her think twice. She met with her brother for a drink but she picks up her mother, she gets disturbed and leaves. Whatever she does her mom’s memories always come to her mind.

Movie Plot

Hulu A Teacher movie plot 2020

Set in Austin, Texas, a Teacher movie is about an English Teacher, Diana who develops an attraction on his own class student, Eric, and starts dating him. But if that relationship status leaks to the public or authorities then she will not only loses her teaching job but also has to face criminal charges. For now, she is looking to take her relationship with Eric to the next level but in the school, both of them reacts like normal teacher and student.

One day, she founds that a topless photo of a female student is being circulated around the school. Then, she realized how freely she is taking her relationship with Eric as she already sends him the same type of picture some days ago. She imagines her in the same place as the circulating girl that if happens with her and becomes cautious by asking Eric to delete that photograph.

However, her roommate Sophia tries to set her with the two men she dated before but both appear waste of time to Diana. Later, she moved to Eric’s family farm where they got discovered by James, the ranch foreman who later discussed the matter between Diana and Eric.

When she moves to school, she reconciles and confesses Eric onto which they break-up this relationship. Diana tries so hard to bring Eric back, she talks with him, visits his farm but get caught red-handed by Eric’s father. In the ending scene, she gets in her car and drive away.

What happens to Diana?

At the end of the film, Diana becomes entangled in her own web. She ruins her life after falling in love with a student of her own. Diana’s attraction to Eric is a very good example of addiction because she constantly tries to find it and loses it every time.

Eric and Diana relationship in the end

When Eric’s father sees her, he writes voice messages for her, which Diana learns after hearing that the school is looking for her as they have to discuss some urgent details about Eric Tull. Then, she decides to escape from the matter but somehow she couldn’t due to her utter addiction towards Eric.

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